MFI Restricted Sectors & Business Activities

There are a number of restricted sectors and/or Business Activities that MFI cannot support and these include:

  1. Any activity which is illegal under the laws of Ireland or international law
  2. The production of and trade in tobacco and distilled alcoholic beverages and related products
  3. The production of and trade in weapons and ammunition
  4. Casinos and equivalent gambling enterprises including internet gambling, online casinos etc.
  5. Sex trade and related infrastructure, services and media
  6. Activities which limit individual rights and freedoms or that violate human rights
  7. IT Sector Restrictions including R&D and applications supporting activities in restricted sectors
  8. Life Science Sector Restrictions including human cloning and Genetically Modified Organisms
  9. Activities involving live animals for experimental and scientific purposes
  10. Financial activities such as, inter alia, purchasing or trading in financial instruments
  11. Fossil fuel-based energy production and related activities including mining and exploration
  12. Energy-intensive and/or high CO2-emitting industries and sectors
  13. Investments in facilities for the disposal of waste in landfill
  14. Investments in mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plants
  15. Investments in incinerators for the treatment of waste
  16. Medical Cannabis and CBD oil related businesses
  17. Property Speculation and related activities including the funding of “Buy to Let” properties.
  18. Applications to fund the purchase of road freight transport vehicles by persons or companies performing road freight transport for hire or reward.
  19. MFI loan funds cannot be used to repay existing bank debt or historic Revenue debt.

If you are uncertain as to whether your business falls within the restrictions outlined above please contact us by email at info@microfinanceireland.ie or by phone at 01 2601007