Small Loan: Start Ups & Existing Business

If you need a small loan for your existing business or start up, our small loan is available to help you. If you are a Sole Trader, a Partnership or a Limited Company from any business sector, you are eligible to apply.

There are no fees or hidden charges on existing small loans from Microfinance Ireland. Fixed repayments gives you peace of mind and lets you plan your finance commitments during the important early stage of your business.

Product Features:

  • 6.5% APR- Lower rate of 5.5% APR if you apply via Local Enterprise Office
  • Loans from €2,000 – €5,000 with up to 3 year max term
  • Simpler documentation requirements
  • No fees/no hidden costs /fixed repayments
  • Credit decision is final – no credit appeal

Application Documents

You will need to complete and/or submit the following documents to apply for this Microfinance Ireland Loan:


€2k - €5k Small Loan Application Pack



*Please save the application form to your desktop or downloads before completing the form. Otherwise you may lose information entered on the application form.

Credit Report - Central Credit Register

MFI will conduct a credit search directly with the Central Credit Register (CCR) on behalf of Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Company applicants.

Important – Limited Companies Only: Where the borrower is a limited company, a personal credit for all Directors and/or Shareholders with a 25% or more shareholding in the business must be obtained from the CCR and submitted with the application.

Credit Report – Limited Companies Only 


6 Months Bank Statements

Both personal and business, if available.

Management Accounts (Existing Businesses Only)