Case Study: Khanya Craft Coffee

Terry Behan and Bernard McDonnell formed a close working relationship after they were introduced by a friend in 2006. Having worked in the manufacturing business for close to 30 years, Terry brings exceptional business knowledge and experience to the partnership, while Bernard – a coffee expert, knows everything there is to know about how the best coffee is produced. A balance of finance and science; these men mean business.

What stands out about Khanya Craft Coffee is both a passion for learning and a complete dedication to their craft. Their master recipe has been profiled to perfection, using grade 1 beans from a single origin.

“We’ve worked through every part of the business: the equipment, innovation, understanding the processes involved, travelling to origin – we’ve learned so much. It’s a great industry to work in – great people and great fun.”

However, no business is without its challenges, and Terry admits that financing the initial stages of the business was difficult:
“The initial investors in the business were ourselves, and two other business-people; good friends of ours who trusted us and believed in what we were doing. If we hadn’t had the loan from Microfinance Ireland we’d have been in a much more difficult cash flow situation. The loan was vital to setting up the business in the very early stages of it’s development.

The loan from Microfinance Ireland was vital to setting up and the early stages of developing our business

This team bring everything to the table when it comes to the quality of their product in order to satisfy an increasingly sophisticated Irish coffee consumer. Not only do the team provide coffee; they also support their clients with barista training, equipment and profit plans. In terms of coffee-making, it’s the full bag.

Khanya Craft Coffee supplies their bespoke coffee product to businesses, hotels, restaurants and cafes- so if you want to try it, you’ll need to ask your local coffee hangout.

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