On Thursday 31st August, Lorna Duffy and Robyn Kinsella from Microfinance Ireland presented a webinar: ‘Getting Funding for your Business – Start-Ups & Established SMEs’ 

We welcomed all who are interested in applying for a loan with us to join the webinar as well as those who wanted to learn more about what we do here at Microfinance Ireland.

During the webinar, Lorna and Robyn discussed who Microfinance Ireland are, the types of businesses we have helped, and also talked attendees through the application process, and how to apply for a loan with MFI.

Below are direct feedback quotes from those who attended our webinar:

“That was very informative & helpful.”


“I am interested in applying for a loan as I found the two girls very helpful explaining what microfinance is all about.”

To register your interest in one of our next webinars, or if you have any questions about applying for a loan, please get in touch today Click here to contact us